What are the payment methods? 
Online registration requires a credit card payment and is the ONLY way to register.

Do I have to complete my registration and resume in one session?
No, you may edit/complete your registration at a later date by entering your email address and password exactly as it was submitted during your initial registration session. The link for Editing your existing registration is located on the Conference Overview Page.

How long will this take?
The registration process will take approximately 20 minutes. The resume process will depend on how extensive your resume is.

How do I enter my information?
You will enter each section of your registration on a separate screen. To save what you have entered and move on to the next screen simply click the Continue button.

Why can't I just cut and paste my resume? 
Using our resume builder to post your resume allows employers to find your information easily with a more targeted search. The easier it is for employers to find you, the easier it will be for you to find the right opportunity! If you would like to use information from an existing resume for the Resume Builder, you can simply cut and paste portions of the existing resume into the appropriate Resume Builder section.

I click the Begin Registration button, but nothing happens. What's wrong?
If you have a pop-up blocker installed or your browser has a default pop-up blocker, you must disable it to complete the registration process.

RESUME EDITOR: I don't see the changes I just made, what should I do? 
You must refresh your browser to see your updated registration information. When making changes on in the resume editor, be sure to submit changes for each section. For example, to update your Honors you must click the button that says "Updated Activities and Honors."