New York


National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. 
New York Chapter
PO Box 2791, Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163


Officers and Directors

President: Karen Fisher -
1st Vice President: Burgandy McCurty -
2nd Vice President: Ainka Munroe -
3rd Vice President: Carolyn Dawson -
Secretary: Nadine
Treasurer: Marlynka Dorimain -
Parliamentarian: Daniel Worrell - N/A
Director, Community Affairs: Rethea Powell -
Director, Financial Literacy: Monica Otieku -
Director, Student Member Services: Paula Heywood-
Director, Professional Membership: Omari Thompson -
Director, Institutional Partnerships: Kevin Adams -
Director, Professional Development: Joshua Vital -
Director, Communications: VACANT -
Director, Tax: Trishann Antoine-Despinosse -
Immediate Past President: Kimberly Parris