To ensure that your resume is included in our resume database, please be sure to complete each of the following steps:

  1. Submit your resume to your local chapter SMS committee for approval (list below).

  2. Upon completing the suggested changes to your resume, please upload via Attendee Center and SAVE.

The ONLY way to be searchable by Corporate Partners is by completing all required items and the entire profile being SAVED. In addition, your NABA Student Member Dues must be paid for FY 2020 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020) by August 16, 2019 or it will NOT be included in the Resume Book.

Chapter Contact Information

Baltimore                          Eric Barfield/Shaun Evans-Wheatley       sms@baltimorenaba.org
Boston                                 Erik White / Ike Ikonkwo                            students@nababoston.org
Greater Hartford           Danielle Wellington/Nicole Couloute       Danielle.wellington2@gmail.com/ncouloute1@gmail.com

Metro DC                            Ta-Von Wilson/Jessica Constant    studentservices@nabametrodc.org
New York                            Paula Heywood                                            studentdevelopment@nabany.org
Northern New Jersey   Derkyl Paton/Serena Enniss                     studentaffairs@nabannj.org

Philadelphia                      Alonna Whittle                                              students@nabaphilly.org
Pittsburgh                           Brittney Arnett                                              students@nabapittsburgh.org
Richmond                           Andrea Bennett                                             SMS@richnaba.org

Any additional Interview or Resume questions should be directed to interview@nabaer.org.